Photo of Milford Sound in New Zealand

Women make up over half of Nepal’s population, but remain in the shadows because of discrimination. Men dominate education, employment and other sectors, while women are limited to the kitchen and cowshed. However, they also tolerate such harsh behavior towards them. Different changes occur according to the fluctuations of time. The embryo of knowledge has also grown in women. In such circumstances, they know that they can also do things by themselves to show their capacity and talent. They also know that the knowledge they have gained can be utilized and are able to receive the benefits from it. As a result, women have come forward in different sectors and are revealing their own identity. A current example of this is a Sumo woman driver. Watch this video to know details.

The post नेपालकै राम्री लामो दुरीकी पहिलो महिला चालक, भन्छिन केटा ड्राईभरले जिस्काएर हैरान(भिडियो सहित) appeared first on Taja nepali news.



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