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Shweta Khadka organized a musical night titled ‘Kanchhi Musical Night’ for the fund raising of the Majhi Basti, being constructed in Sindhupalchowk. The residential area is being developed by Shweta Shree Foundation, a foundation registered in memory of actor Shree Krishna Shresta. Shree had died within a month after marrying Sweta. At the event organized at Annapurna Hotel in Durbar Marg, senior choreographer, Basanta Kumar Shrestha was given Rs. 51,000 and life-time achievement honor.

In the event the members of Shweta Shree Foundation, various film artists and ‘Kanchhi’ film team. There were a total of about three hundred guests. After long gap in film industry Shweta Khadka is back with her very new Nepali movie ‘Kanchhi’. Kanchhi is the social and pure love story in which we can see the lead role of Shweta Khdka and Dayahang Rai. After the death of her husband actor Shree Krishna Shrestha, Sweta went to long mourning and also can say she went to depression somehow but after long mourning, she is making comeback as an actress from the movie Kanchhi, which also has her own production. Watch video to know more..भिडियो

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